Do Drupchen Jigme Trinley Öser

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Do Drupchen Jigme Trinley Öser (rdo grub chen jigs med phrin las 'od zer, 1745-1821), - also known as Dzogchenpa Kunsang Shenpen (rdzogs chen pa kun bzang gzhan phan), the first Do Drupchen (rdo grub chen). He is the foremost Dharma heir of Jigme Lingpa and, along with Jigmey Gyalwai Nyugu ('jigs med rgyal ba'i myu gu), the holder of the Longchen Nyingthig (klong chen snying thig) lineage. In gratitude for the teaching he received from Do Drupchen Trinley Öser, Ngakyi Wangpo presented him with a pearl umbrella, which, as communicated by Tulku Thondup, was kept at Do Drup Monastery in Tibet until recently. (MR-ShabkarNotes) & (RY).