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[['jug pa'i rnam shes]] - Engaging consciousnesses; the five sense consciousnesses [RY]
Bodhi the Yakshini [RY]
eyes (seeing), nose (smelling), ears (hearing), tactile-sense (touch), mouth (taste/speech). [RWB]
[[rnam shes tshogs brgyad]] - [[Eight Collections of Consciousness]]. The eight groups of the cognitions of the eight consciousnesses: the five sense consciousnesses, mind consciousness, ego consciousness and all-ground consciousness [RY]
[[tshogs brgyad]] - [[Eight collections]]. the eight groups of the [[cognition]]s of the [[eight consciousnesses]]; of the [[five sense consciousnesses]], of [[mind consciousness]], [[ego consciousness]] and [[all-ground consciousness]] [RY]
[[tshogs drug]] - [[Six collections]] [of consciousness]. The five sense consciousnesses and the mind consciousness [RY]
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Bodhi the Yakshini [RY]