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#REDIRECT:[[Khenpo Ngawang Palzang]]
<noinclude><span class=TibUni16>[[མཁན་པོ་ངག་ག]]</span></noinclude><br>
<noinclude>[[mkhan po ngag ga]]</noinclude><br>
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mkhan po ngag ga

Short Biography

Khenpo Ngagchung, Ngawang Palsang. (1879-1941). A khenpo at Katok and a very important reviver of the scholastic lineage of expounding the Dzogchen scriptures. Considered to be incarnation of both Vimalamitra and Longchenpa. Chatral Rinpoche is one of his last living disciples. [RY]

Vimalamitra who actualized the mandala of the supreme level,

Longchenpa expounder of the Samantrabhadra Dharmakaya,

Their emanation, Ngakgi Wangpo, to you I pray.

Grant your blessings for our minds to merge with your wisdom mind.

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