Kukkuraja the Younger

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zab zhi spros bral 'od gsal 'du ma byas//
bdud rtsi lta bu'i chos ni bdag gis brnyed//
su la bstan kyang go bar mi 'dug pas//
mi smra nags 'dabs nyid du gnas par bya//

Deep, peaceful, unelaborate, luminous, non-compound:
Like nectar it is, this dharma I've found.
Whome'er I should teach it would not understand it,
And so without speaking I'll stay in this wood. DKC

I have discovered a nectar-like truth
A deep and quiet, unformed, luminous wakefulness.
Whoever I describe this to, no one will understand.
So I will remain silent in the jungle. EPK

Profound, peaceful, simple, luminous, and unconditioned—
Is this nectar-like Dharma that I have now found.
Yet if I teach it to others, they will not understand,
So I shall stay silent and remain here in this wood. CJD

Profound, peaceful, free from elaboration, luminous, uncompounded Is this Dharma -- like deathless nectar -- that I have found; Whoever I reveal it to, they will not understand, and so Without speaking, in this very jungle I should remain. Erick Sherab Zangpo