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Lama Chime Rinpoche (name in wylie)

Short bio of teacher

Born in Amdo, Tibet, in 1941 and recognised at the age of two as the 9th incarnation of Chime Youngdong of Benchen monastery, Lama Chime Rinpoche completed the 3 year 3 month 3 week solitary retreat of the Kagyüdpa Karmapa lineage before he fled Tibet due to the Chinese oppression in 1959. Since 1965, he has resided in the UK, ceaselessly teaching the Dharma and bestowing spiritual instruction.

Chime Rinpoche was born in Eastern Tibet. He was raised in Benchen Monastery, being one of the four abbots or khenpos of the monastery. Rinpoche studied and meditated until 16 years of age when he entered the traditional 3 year 3 month retreat. Six months after completing the retreat he fled Tibet from the invading Chinese forces. In 1965 Rinpoche went to the UK where he attracted many students. He has since then established Centres in the UK and the Continent. Rinpoche's teachings combine a profound knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and insight, with the understanding of the western way of life. Rinpoche travels the world extensively, conducting courses and retreats.

To set a few historical facts right (without wanting to detract from Lama Chime's accomplishments as a teacher!): Lama Chime Rinpoche is NOT an incarnation and never had this status with the lamas of Benchen monastery. There are three incarnated masters who are the lamas of Benchen monastery: Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, Tenga Rinpoche and Chime Rinpoche.

The one known as Lama Chime Rinpoche, who lives in London/England, is actually and correctly called "Rarda Chime" and is the descendant of the family of "Rardha Pontsong", who originally donated the land on which Benchen monastery was built to the 4th Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche.

His lineage is a hereditary "father to son" lineage, not an incarnation lineage. Neither has he ever been an abbot of Benchen monastery. The master known as Chime Rinpoche in Tibet, passed away in 1987 and has been reborn since. He presently stays in Benchen monastery in Tibet and undergoes education. TSD

  • Marpa House was established in 1973 by Lama Chime Rinpoche as a Buddhist centre, and it now is run by the Dharma Trust.

It is true that "abbot" is an inappropriate word. However the above comments appear to be a recycling of an incorrect report initally published (but later excised) in a book published in German under Tenga Rinpoche's name. It is correct that "Chime" is the personal name of the Radha Lama, not his official title, and that he is not the same as the Benchen tulku with Chime as a title, and it is true that some people who did not know Chime Radha well were confused about that. He is, however, recognized as a tulku. Suggestions to the contrary would require convincing citations.

Primary Teachers

16th Gyalwa Karmapa, 9th Sangye Nyenpa, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Khenpo Gangshar

Primary Lineage

Karma Kagyu


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