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[[Lamdre]] (Tibetan <tt>lam 'bras</tt>) represents one of the most precious non-canonical literatures of the [[Sakya]] tradition of  [[Tibetan Buddhism]]. It generally covers esoteric teachings of [[Vajrayana]] and [[Hevajra]] Tantra. The term [[Lamdre]] means ''the path including its result''. The original [[Lamdre]] teachings are from the Indian [[mahasiddha]] [[Virupa]], especially an oral tradition of a text called [[Vajra Verses]].
[[Lamdre]] covers teachings and practices of both Sutra [[Mahayana]] and [[Vajrayana]]. The main teachings based based on the [[Hevajra]] tantra.
== History ==
[[Lamdre]] arrived in Tibet by the famous Tibetan translator [[Drogmi Lotsawa]] around the mid 10th century. It was later written down and organized by the [[Sakya]] lama [[Sachen Kunga Nyingpo]] in the 12th century.
== Contents of the Lamdre Literature ==
Generally the [[Lamdre]] literature could be be classified into six parts:
# Expositions on the [[Hevajra]] [[Tantra]] (<tt>rgyu bad</tt>)
# Classical [[Lamdre]] Manuscripts (<tt>lam 'bras glegs bam</tt>)
# Hagiography of the Lineage Masters (<tt>bla ma brgyud pa'i rnam thar</tt>)
# Treatises on Common [[Lamdre]] Teachings (<tt>lam 'bras tshogs bad</tt>)
#  Manuals on Uncommon [[Lamdre]] Teachings <tt>lam 'bras slob bad</tt>)
# Liturgy on Initiation Rites, Rituals and [[Hevajra]] [[Sadhana]] (<tt>[dba da dkyil chog sgrub thabs skor</tt>)
=== Translated Commentaries ===
* [[The Beautiful Triple Tantra]]  by [[Panchen Ngawang Chodak]], Gorum Publications, ISBN 0 9587085 1 7
** pan chen ngang dbang chos grags kyis gsung gsung ngag rin po che'i dngos gzhi'i khrid rim rgyud gsum snying po'i legs bshad bzhugs so
== External References ==
* [http://www.tbrc.org/catalog/W23649.php Lamdre Lobshe Collection] from [[TBRC]]
* [http://www.tbrc.org/catalog/W23648.php Lamdre Tsogche Collection]from [[TBRC]]
* [http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/tib/yuthok-1.htm The Origin of the Lamdre Tradition in India] by Choetak
* [http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/tib/sakya-la.htm Complete Catalogue of Lamdre Literature] by Choetak

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