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Tibetan-English Dictionary, Dharma Glossaries, and Resources
Currently Dharma Dictionary has 195,813 entries, all pages, all inclusive.
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General Information contains free resources for the "circle of lotsawas" involved in the translation of Buddhist texts and teachings from Tibetan into Western languages.

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Use the search box on the left to search for any tibetan term in Wylie format. (examples: sems, rig pa, snying rje). Searches can also be made in Tibetan Unicode (example 'ཀྱག་གྲིར་འཆི།). (See instructions above).

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Browse our ever-expanding dharmapedia of Buddhist terms, teachers, lineages, and texts. See website contents below.


If you like to be a contributor, contact any of the existing editors listed in the current postings, check their home page and send an email requesting an account. Please join in. When you have an account you could Click here to request pages or translations.

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