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[[bka' thang yig kyi mun sel]] {{:bka' thang yig kyi mun sel}}
<noinclude><span class=TibUni16>[[མེ་ལོང་རྡོ་རྗེ།]]</span></noinclude><br>
<noinclude>[[me long rdo rje]]</noinclude><br>
===Short biography===
*'''''<small>From the [https://collab.itc.virginia.edu/access/wiki/site/6a0a05fe-de5e-40f7-80f2-1ccfa2ab7d8e/english%20translation%20-%20the%20blue%20annals.html THDL]'s version: "Blue Annals English Translation Chapter 03", Pg.75</small>'''''
'''xi. me long rdo rje (Chengdu 244, R 196)'''<br>
His ([['khrul zhig seng ge rgyal po]]) disciple was me long rdo rje who was born to bsam yas, a yogin, and 'bar ma at [[sgrags phu]] in the year Water-Female-Hare (chu mo yos—1243 A.D.).  At the age of 9, he took up ordination in the presence of the mahāsiddha [[za lung pa]] and the mahā-upādhyāya [[se lung pa]]. While he was meditating at [[rangs mtsho]], his understanding blossomed forth, and he obtained the faculty of prescience. At the age of 16, he performed about a hundred gaṇacakras at zhogs stengs of sgrags phu and perceived the Relative meaning of Nature ([[gnas lugs stong pa nyid]]).  Then he visited various places and attended on many teachers. <br>
He practiced extensively austerities at [[sha 'ug stag sgo]] (near sa skya), mkhar C:and other localities. At the age of 18, in [R:197] the year Iron-Ape (lcags spre—1260 A.D.) he obtained the doctrine of [[snying thig]] from [[seng ge dbon po]] at seng ge rgyab. He practiced meditation, and during six days he had a vision, by day and by night, of [[Vajrasattva]]. During the initiation ceremony, he met in a dream the Teachers of his Spiritual Lineage, and obtained (their) blessing. At the age of 23, he obtained many hidden precepts ([[gter chos]]) such as the Vajravārahī ([[rdo rje phag mo]]) and others, from [[sangs rgyas ras pa]]. He had a vision of Vajravārahī. He saw [F:43a] [[bde mchog lhan skyes]], Hayagrīva, Tārā, Avalokiteśvara, Samantabhadra, [[Vajrasattva]], [[Vimala]], [[u rgyan]], [[za lung pa]], [[sangs rgyas ras pa]] and [['gro mgon rin po che]] [C:245] surrounded by a mass of light. <br>
At dung lung he heard the voices of ḍākiṇīs. At ka ba can, he saw in the sky Vārahī ([[phag mo]]) and [[za lung pa]]. At the age of 26, he obtained numerous instructions, while attending on [['khrul zhig dar ma]], [[sprul sku rgya mtsho]] and others. He also obtained many instructions from [[mdo bo ras pa]] of mtshur phu, and [['khrul zhig dbon po]] of dgon rtse. He practiced meditation at mkhan pa ljongs, mkhan pa gling, seng ge rdzong, kun bzangs gling and mkhar chu, and labored for the welfare of living beings. <br>
Since he be had to die at the age of 37, prayers were offered by a priest named ācārya kun dga', and he lived till the age of 61, and passed away in the year Water-Female-Hare (chu mo yos—1303 A.D.). This Water-Female-Hare year is the 74th year of the mahāsiddha [[u rgyan pa]], and the 14th year of [[bu ston kha che]], the 2nd year of [[ta'i si tu byang chub rgyal mtshan]], the 38th year of [[rig 'dzin ku ma ra dza]], the 81st year of [['khrul zhig dhar ma seng ge]], the 36th year of [[snye mdo kun dga' don grub]]. When me long rdo rje was 38, [[sangs rgyas ras pa]] died.<br>
===Literary Works===
===Main Teachers===
*[[Trulshik Senge Gyabpa]]<br>
===Main Students===
*[[Rigdzin Kumaradza]]<br>
===Main Lineages===
*[[Nyingma Kama]]
*One of the [[snying thig]] lineages that are the origins of the [[Longchen Nyingtik]]<br>
===Alternate Names & Spellings===
*[[Drubthob Melong Dorje]]
*[[Terton Melong Dorje]]<br>
===Other Resources===
*Melong Dorje. (1243-1303) A great Tibetan master in the Oral Lineage of the Nyingma School [RY]
*Melong Dorje [RY]
*1243-1303 - Melong Dorje, an eminent siddha of the Nyingma lineage [RY]
===Internal Links===
===External Links===
*[http://www.tbrc.org/kb/tbrc-detail.xq;jsessionid=9825D4C4776A6FB584E296E1A90B8BEB?RID=P628 The TBRC Link]<br>
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