Negative Actions

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'khor mo yug tu - constantly; x {ngan song gsum ni rtag par rang rang gi sngon bsags las ngan gyi 'bras bus 'phangs pa'i tsha grang bkres skom la sogs pa'i sdug bsngal la 'khor mo yug tu spyod pas chos byed du mi khoms} the inhabitants of the three lower realms suffer constantly from heat, cold, hunger, thirst and other torments, as a result of their past negative actions; they have no opportunity to practise the Dharma [RY]

dge sgrub - sdig spong dge sgrub - give up negative actions and practice wholesome deeds [RY]

dge sdig - virtue and negativity, positive and negative actions, good and evil [JV]

rgyu mi dge ba bcu spangs mi shes - do not know how to give up the ten negative actions [RY]

sngon bsags las ngan gyi 'bras bus 'phangs pa - as a result of their past negative actions [RY]

nyes pa'i rtsa ba - the root of evil, root-causes of negative actions [RY]

nyes spyod - wrongdoing, misdeeds; malpractice, negative actions; unwholesome forms of behavior [RY]

sdig sgrib - evil deeds and obscurations, sin and defilement, contamination of sin, obstacles and hindrances due to negative actions, obstacles & negativities [JV]

sdig ltung - misdeeds and failings, negative actions and downfalls [RY]

sdig pa spang tshul - how to give up negative actions [RY]

sdig pa spong - abandon negative actions [JV]

sdig pa byas pa rnams - those who have committed negative actions [RY]

sdig pa mi dge ba'i las - negative actions [RY]

sdig pa mi dge ba'i las bsags pa - committed negative actions [RY]

sdig spong dge sgrub - give up negative actions and practice wholesome deeds [RY]

mar 'gro mi dge'i sdig pa spangs - the negative actions that will lead you to the inferior realms [RY]

mar mi dge ba'i las bsags kyang - your negative actions, on the other hand, [RY]

mi dge ba la spyod pa - immersed in negative actions [RY]

zhen log - Revulsion. A synonym for 'renunciation.' When understanding the consequences of negative actions and the futility of worldly pursuits, one feels a natural disgust for continuing samsaric existence just like a person with jaundice being presented with a meal of greasy food [RY]

yan lag bdun pa - Seven Branches. The seven branch practice of prostrate (ing) to the Three Jewels, confessing negative actions, making offering, rejoicing in the virtue of others, requesting the turning of the wheel of Dharma, beseeching to not pass into nirvana, and the dedication of merit to the enlightenment of all sentient beings [RY]

las ngan pa yin pa - with many negative actions [RY]

bshags sdom byed pa - confession and vowing to shun future wrongdoing; confess your negative actions and vow to amend your conduct [RY]