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'''Nyingthig''' ([[snying thig]]) - '''Heart Essence'''
#redirect [[Longchen Nyingtik]]
In general identical with the [[Instruction Section]] ([[man ngag sde]]), the third of three division of [[Dzogchen]]. In particular it refers to the [[Innermost Unexcelled Cycle of Heart Essence]] ([[yang gsang bla na med pa'i snying thig gi skor]]), the fourth of the four divisions of the Instruction Section according to the arrangement of [[Shri Singha]]. <br>
All lineages of the [[Innermost Essence]] passed through Shri Singha and continued in Tibet through his personal disciples, [[Padmasambhava]] and [[Vimalamitra]]. In the 14th century these two lineages passed through [[Rangjung Dorje]], the [[third Karmapa]], and his close Dharma friend [[Longchen Rabjam]] (1308-1363), the latter of which systematized these teachings in his great body of writings. The [[Nyingthig]] teachings have also appeared through many other lines of transmission; for instance, each major [[terton]] reveals an independent cycle of Dzogchen instructions. The practice of the innermost Heart Essence is continued to this very day.
===Lineage Masters===
*[[3rd Karmapa]] Rangjung Dorje
*[[Jigme Lingpa]]
===Important Literature===
===Alternate Names & Spellings===
*[[Heart Essence]]
===Related Internal Links===
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*[[Longchen Nyingthig]]
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