Sangdag Dorje Bechon

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Sangdag Dorje Bechon (gsang bdag rdo rje be con)

Poetic details

This deity in essence is the strength and might of every buddha, gathered into one.
In form he holds the treasury of the most secret and profound of all awakened ones,
By means of names and forms in untold numbers
Such as lords of the ten bhumis — Dharmevajra, Vajra Garbha, Vajrapani and so forth.
Attending every conqueror and bodhisattva, and each of their successors, always and whoever they may be,
Superior to any other is his might of miracles to vanquish Mara, the obstructers, and the agents of distortion.

The poetic details on Vajrapani, the Lord of Secrets, by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye are from the empowerment text to the Vajra Club of the Lord of Secrets, Sangdag Dorje Bechon in the New Treasures, Chokling Tersar. Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang.

Other Names

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