Self-existing Wakefulness

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sgom sran - exertion, perseverance in practice, rigorous perseverance, exertion; spirit, heart, resolution [RY]

sgom sran - rigorous perseverance [JV]

'jug pa - process, enter, continue, begin, get involved, precede, engage in, inhale, resurrect, fill in, stuff, perseverance (Bodhicitta), put, slow inhale (direct or indirect), put into, insert, infuse, inject, appoint, constitute, command, permit, suffer, application, slow inhalation, go into, enter, set about, first stage of a disease, fix, manifest, place out, settle, induce, allow, to apply, slow inhalation, SA rlung bsang brgyad, to pursue, to practice [JV]

'jug pa byed pa - perseverance [JV]

'jug pa'i sems skyed - steady pursuance of the purpose of life, perseverance in the work of winning enlightenment, an attitude which is on its way toward enlightenment, steady pursuance in the activation of inner potential [JV]

snying stobs - 1) lightness, purity, goodness; 2) bravery, courage, fortitude; 3) strength, energy, vigor; 4) perseverance, determination; 5) spirit[ual power] [IW]

snying stobs - 1) lightness, purity, goodness, immaculacy, sattva; spiritual power; One of the three tattvas (yon tan gsum) - sattva - of the Samkhya. 2) bravery, courage, fortitude, perseverance, stalwart/ heroic action [RY]

snying rus - perseverance, fortitude, will power; fortitude, endurance, resilience, persistence, tenacity, will-power; diligence/ perseverance/ fortitude, courage, firmness of mind [RY]