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Of course, pricewise it's best to go to Kathmandu or Majnuka Tila or Dharamsala, etc., and get the books from the original publishers if that is at all possible. I have had very good experience with Saujanya and Biblia Impex. They generally do not mind if you do not pay for the books before you actually receive them in the mail. I believe the other Delhi booksellers are even more expensive, as a rule, especially DK, which is not recommended. Tibet Books supplies books directly from Lhasa, and they give prices in Euros, and seem to prefer bank transfers (no credit cards). If you ask to have your books by airmail you could get them within two weeks of ordering. But sea mail works, too, and is of course more economical. They have a very extensive list, and seem to know how to locate any Tibetan language book that is in print in the PRC. Of course the Delhi booksellers do sell some PRC books, but compare prices, since they can at times be grossly overpriced, and they are not likely to fill any requests for PRC publications that are not on their current lists. [DM]

I just found out from TibetBook that their supplier in Lhasa is doing a major work in their warehouse, and they can't ship any pechas until some time next year. Kent 18:10, 20 July 2006 (EDT)