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Sectors of Growth and Decline (dar gud)

  • The elements may be juxtaposed sequentially with the so-called twelve successive sectors of growth and decline (dar gud bcu gnyis). These twelve sectors respectively comprise: conception (dbugs len), embryo (mngal 'jug), foetus (lus rdzogs), birth (skyes), ablution (khrus), clothing (gos), work (las), growth (dar), decline (gud), ill-health (nad), death (shi ba), and tomb (dur). Among them, the sectors of growth, work, ablution, clothing, foetus and birth are deemed to be auspicious, while those of conception, embryo, decline, ill-health, death and tomb are inauspicious. Positive prognoses are indicated if the element in question coincides with one of the six auspicious sectors and negative outcomes are portended if the reverse is the case.
  • The months, years, days, hours and trigrams may also be calculated according to these twelve sectors of growth and decline to indicate the varying degrees of auspicious and inauspicious prognoses for a given month, year, day, hour or trigram. Each of the twelve sectors has its distinctive prognosis (kha dmar) on which see Part II, pp. 000-000. Such calculations are employed in the context of natal horoscope ([[Part IV, pp. 000-000), marital compatibility ([[Part V, pp. 000-000), the "secret" determination of obstacle years ([[Part VI, pp. 000-000), and the impact of the hour of divination ([[Part VII, pp. 000-000). GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)