bdag gces nyams gso

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I, great being, being, lord, "atman itself." great being, lord, sovereign, [- Syn rang bzhin nature, identity, entity, personification, nature, oneself, myself, himself, themselves, possess. see ngo bo or rang bzhin self, svayam, rang nyid; great being, lord, sovereign; [- Syn [[rang bzhin] nature, identity, entity; personification; oneself/ yourself/ myself; see ngo bo or rang bzhin the very nature, quintessence; essence, nature, - entity; on one's own, personification, nature; epitome; yourself [RY]

1) 1/ my/ him/ her/ them self, I; 2) nature; 3) mastery; 4) great being [IW]

1) oneself, I; 2) nature; 3) mastery; 4) great being)/ [syn: skye ba po dang, skyes bu gtzo, gang zag rang, mchod sbyin sbyor, nyer skrun pa, shed bdag shed bu, shed las skyes being, lord, atman itself" sovereign, identity, entity, personification, myself, himself, themselves, possess[ion] self, svayam] [IW]

identity [RY]

yourself; x rigs kyi bu khyod kyis bdag nyid la nad pa'i 'du shes bskyed par bya'o noble one, you should think of yourself as someone who is sick [RY]

bdag nyid can what truly characterizes/ is truly characteristic of . . ; true characteristic; (to be the) very identity/ epitome/ embodiment of . . . ; great being/ entity; principle; to include/ incorporate/ embody/ epitomize [RB]

-atma, essence, nature, I myself, he himself, thou thyself, i, great being, being, lord, master, sovereign, self-nature, one's state, essential nature, fundamental nature, one's own condition, substance, me, state of one's self [JV]