bka' babs bdun

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Seven transmissions are: 1) Oral tradition (bka' ma) the early translated Tripitaka and tantras passed on unbrokenly from master to disciple; 2) Earth Treasure (sa gter), revealed by the terton; 3) Rediscovered Treasure (yang gter), revealed for the second time from an past treasure; 4) Mind Treasure (dgongs gter), revealed from the mind of the guru; 5) Hearing Lineage (snyan brgyud), received directly from an enlightened being; 6) Pure Vision (dag snang), received in a pure experience; and 7) Recollection (rjes dran), remembrance from a former life. (RY)

the 7 transmissions. (IW)

historical work by Taranatha. (JV)

Seven transmissions, aka, the seven successions of the transmitted precepts. These are: canonical lineage bka' ma; revealed treasure sa gter; rediscovered treasure yang gter; mind treasure dgongs gter; recollection rjes dran; pure vision dag snang; and hearing lineage snyan brgyud. (RY)

the 7 transmissions: 1) bka' ma 2) sa gter terma hidden in the earth 3) dgongs gter mind terma 4)re-concealed terma yang gter 5) sacred outlook dag snang 6) recollection rjes dran 7) hearing lineage snyan brgyud. (IW)