bkag pa

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[learn to] refrain, forbid obstructed negat[ed][ion] refut[ed][ation] [block, inhibit, stop, restrict, obstruct, check, interrupt, prevent, control, hinder, repudiate, restrain, suppress, oppose, thwart, turn back, give up, abstain from [p 'gog pa. [IW]

hinder, annul, refutation, block, check, curb, curtail, fend, halt, hamper, obstruct, retard, stem, to suppress, to block off. [JV]

pf. of 'gog pa; to prevent, to restrain, to forbid. forbidden, prohibited, prevented. turning back, abstaining from. prohibition; 1) pf. of 'gog pa. 2) blocked. 3) inhibited. 4) stopped. 5) restricted. 6) obstructed. 7) check. 8) stop. 9) interrupt. 10) prevented. 11) controlled. 12) hindered. 13) to negate. 14) refute. 15) repudiate. 16) negation. 17) refutation. 18 restrain. 19) suppress. 20) oppose. 21) thwart. 22) turning back. 23) giving up. 24) abstaining from; pf. of 'gog pa; 1) has [learned to] refrain. 2) to forbid. [RY]

to block, prevent. [RY]

'gegs pa, bkag pa, dgags pa to hinder/ obstruct/ thwart. [RB]