bsam don

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desire, wish, goal [JV]

what is desired, goal, wish, hope [IW]

a wish, hope [RY]

a wish, hope [mss] [RY]

1) wishes, aims, aspirations, goals, objectives, hopes; 2) aspired aims, aspired wishes, aspired goals, aspired objectives, aspired hopes; 3) desired aims, desired wishes, desired goals, desired objectives; 4) aimed wishes, aimed aspirations, aimed goals, aimed objectives, aimed hopes; 5) aspirations and aims, aims and aspirations, wishes and aims, aims and wishes, goals and aspirations, aspirations and goals, etc. In general this term is often somewhat mistranslated, and in standard Tibetan usage it means 'aspired/desired aims', 'aspired/desired wishes', 'aspired/desired goals', 'aspired/desired objectives' (bsam pa'i don [dag]) and the like. Hence both elements of the term are important for it overall intended meaning, in both classical literary and modern colloquial Tibetan. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]