bsam sbyor

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attitude and deeds [RY]

attitude and behavior; attitude and conduct, thoughts and deeds, thoughts and actions; plan, scheme [RY]

attitude and behavior [RB]

design, project, plan thoughts and actions, intention and action [JV]

1) the mind's motivation/ wish/ attitude and the body's practice/ deeds/ conduct, scheme, plan, project, design, thought and deed; 2) apply 1's aspirations [IW]

chos min gyi bsam sbyor - thoughts and actions contrary to the Dharma [RY]

thoughts and actions [RY]

acts and thoughts [RY]

1) thought and deed, thoughts and deeds, thinking and conduct; 2) motivation and action, motivations and actions, intention and application, intentions and applications; 3) attitude and behavior, attitudes and behaviors; 4) plan, project, design, scheme [Erick Tsiknopoulos]