bslab pa'i gzhi bcu

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the ten fundamental precepts [getsul precepts condensed into then general 1s" the four root 1s rtsa ba bzhi, 5) liquor chang, 6) gar sogs, play of song dance and music, 6) phreng sogs, necklaces and garlands, perfume, 7) ornaments kha dog 'chang ba, ornamentation, 8) mal stan che mtho, not ornamented w jewels etc. = chen po or more than a cubit high, 9) phyi dro'i kha zas not eating after noon, 10) gser dngul len pa spong ba giving and taking gold and silver/ of these the four root 1s are pham 'dra'i nyes byas are defeats if violated and the others rectifiable by confession] [IW]

the 10 fundamental precepts [IW]