byang chub sems dpa'

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bodhisattva [RB]

bodhisattva [on the paths of learning of mahayana, enlightenment thob ched kalpa and, 'gro mang gi mtha', dbu dang yan lag gi never discouraged in giving; those who are heroically committed to pure and total presence] [IW]

bodhisattva, (byang is chos sku, chub is longs sku, sems-dpa' is sprul-sku), purified brave and powerful soul, mahayana saint, those who are heroically committed to pure and total presence, 3 special attributes (ting nge 'dzin, stobs bcu, mi 'jigs pa), being on path of enlightenment, Heroic Ones, awakening being [JV]

bodhisattva [awakening being]; bodhisattva. bodhisattvas. a being on the path of enlightenment, bodhisattva. 'heroic being of enlightenment' [RY]

bodhisattva. Someone who has developed bodhichitta, the aspiration to attain enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings. A practitioner of the Mahayana path; especially a noble bodhisattva who has attained the first level [RY]