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six precious substances, essential ingredients [RY]

six precious substances/ essential ingredients [IW]

six (excellent ingredients, good things, precious substances, essential ingredients), (cu gang, gur gum, li shi, dza ti, sug smel, ka ko la), 6 fabulous medicines for maintenance of the body (nutmeg, clove, cubeb, cardamon, saffron, bamboo pitch), six excellent medicines (chu gang, dza ti, gur gum, ka ko la, sug smel, li shi), (bamboo juice, nutmeg, marigold, cardamon, another type of cardamon, cloves) [JV]

precious substances, six Various medicinal substances: yellow myrobalan (a ru; Terminalia chebula), beleric myrobalan (ba ru; Terminalia belerica), emblic myrobalan x skyu ru; Emblica officinalis), bamboo manna (cu gang), musk (gla rtsi), and solidified elephant bile (gi wang) [RY]

The Six Excellent Substances, the Six Excellent Medicinals, the Six Excellent Medicinal Substances. Common synonym for sman bzang po drug. The six excellent medicinals (Tib. སྨན་བཟང་པོ་དྲུག, Wyl. sman bzang po drug) are: Nutmeg (Skt. jāti; Wyl. dz'a ti), Bamboo juice or tabasheer (Skt. vaṃśalocanā; Wyl. cu gang), Saffron (Skt. kuṅkuma; Wyl. gur gum / gur kum), Cloves (Skt. lavaṅga; Wyl. li shi), Cardamom or elettaria cardamomum (Skt. elā; Wyl. sug smel), Black cardamom (Skt. kākoli; Wyl. ka ko la). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]