bzhag pa

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split, crack; pf. of 'jog pa; let go, gathering, rest, established, to categorize, to place, posited, define [RY]

put, place, to settle into, pour, instructions, SA 'jog pa, tear, wear, burst, crack, keeping, laying a thing down, remain in, residing in, logically establish, to intervene, to adopt, to predispose, naturally be in, has, contemplation, allow it to be, let it be, let it remain, to take as, to set aside, to remain in, remains in [JV]

to appoint (a menial servant) [RY]

glang sgor bzhag pa left the ox at the door [RY]

put in place, arrange [p 'jog pa] let go, gather, rest, establish, categorize, place, posit, postulate, add to [IW]

classify, posit, set forth [thd]

defined, classified, posited [RY]

kept [RY]

posit, set forth, classify, define [RY]

gzhag pa, 'jog pa to classify/ consider (as being)/ assign/ place; to rest/ settle; to affirm; drop/ let go of / set aside/ disregard [RB]

maintaining presence of, by leaving it [JV]