chos kyi 'khor lo

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dharma chakra/ wheel, heart center dharma-chakra, wheel of the doctrine [IW]

Wheel of the Dharma. To turn the wheel of Dharma is poetic for giving teachings. In specific, the cycle of teachings given by the Buddha; three such cycles, known as the Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma, were taught by Buddha Shakyamuni during his lifetime [RY]

Dharmachakra [RY]

Dharma wheel, heart center, dharma-chakra, wheel of the doctrine [RY]

Wheel of Dharma, dharmachakra [RY]

chakra of dharma at the heart, threefold wheel of doctrine (bden bzhi'i chos 'khor, legs par rnam par 'byed pa, mtshan nyid med pa). [JV]