dhyana which delights tathagatas

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One of the twenty-four original sacred pilgrimage spots of ancient India, frequented particularly by advanced tantric practitioners. These sacred sites also correspond to various spots within the human body.

These sites according to one of many (at times varying) lists are:

Pullīramalaya - in the head
Jālandhara - on the crown of the head
Oḍḍiyāna - in the right ear
Arbuda - on the back of the neck
Godāvarī - in the left ear
Rāmeśvara - between the brows
Devīkoṭṭa - in the eyes
Mālava - on the shoulders
Kāmarūpa - in the armpits
Oḍra - in the chest
Triśakuni - in the navel
Kośala - on the tip of the nose
Kaliṇga - in the mouth
Lampīka - in the throat
Kāñcī - in the heart
Himālaya - in the reproductive organs
Pretāpurī - also in the reproductive organs
Gṝhadeva - in the anus
Saurāṣṭra - in the thighs
Suvarṇadvīpa - in the calves
Nagara - in the toes
Sindhu - on the upper part of the feet
Maru - in the large toes
Kulutā - in the knees