dka' thub

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1) ability to undergo hardships, fortitude, tolerance of hardship / suffering, asceticism, austerity, ascetic practice, penance. 2) to bear what is difficult. 3) an ascetic, hermit. 4) the first month of the Tibetan calendar [RY]

practicing asceticism [RY]

asceticism, penance, an ascetic, name for first month of Tibetan calendar, white species of plant calotropis gigantea, austerity, ascetic practices, ascetic discipline [JV]

ascetic practice / life [RY]

spiritual challengs; ascetic practice [RB]

1) exertion; 2) ability to undergo hardships, asceticism, austere ascetic practice, fortitude, tolerance of hardship, enduring suffering, bear what is difficult, penance, ascetic, hermit; 3) 1st month [IW]