dpal gyi pham phab

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legacy of the Glorious One [RY]

glorious conquer bring down [a piece of the dpal gtor placed on the lhogma as a gift] [IW]

pha 'bab - Gift of the glorious one. Definition: dpal gtor nas kyu gu gcig phab. An other term for the gift of the glorious one is the tiny offering (mchod ras - mchod pa'i ras ma). The glorious one (dpal) refers to Maha Shri Heruka (dpal chen po). At the time of the mind transmission of the victorious ones (rgyal ba dgongs brgyud) one's own awareness manifested as Samantabhadra, who transformed into Maha Shri Heruka. In front of Maha Shri Heruka all the residual guest (lhag mgron) promised to protect the teachings and the practitioners. In return they will receive the residual (lhag ma), as they are not allowed into the mandala [RY]

a piece of the dpal gtor placed on the lhogma as a gift [RY]