dus sbyor

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particular time in which a man is born, zodiac [JV]

/) ; 1) tatak'ala, position of the planets, rising sign [house rising during each day because of the 12 houses from the dus sbyor of Aires to Pisces 12 successively nyin zhag phrugs gcig la lan re 'khor bas. each of the 12 sections of the earth sa dum bu bcu gnyis like Aries newly arising mostly during the 5th hour, the others dus sbyor, de yang sngon chad in the day determined by sor bdun can gyi thur grib [shadow sticks] etc and at night depending on the stars. the house in which any of the nine planets abide, having observed whether a good or bad fruition will result la ches stobs dang ldan pa yin pas, it has been praised as "dus sbyor yon tan 'bum ldan"]; 2) Dus tsod kyi 'phrod sbyor dang mthun sgrig byed pa [IW]

1) tatak'ala, position of the planets, rising sign; 2) Dus tshod kyi 'phrod sbyor dang mthun sgrig byed; 1) time when a person is born; 2) conjunction of time [astr] [IW]

juncture, zodiac sign; juncture (12 in the body, at and between the chakras)/ zodiac sign one is born under [RY]

astrological conjunction [Erick Tsiknopoulos]