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*[[Sylvain Spirit]], [[Mountain Spirit]] [GD]
spirit [RY]
spirit [RY]

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spirit [RY]

yaksha/ harm bringer; a class of beings included in the deva realm, a class of powerful guardian spirits, can both help and harm, elf, mountain spirits [RY]

1) yaksha; 2) kind of wealth deity [IW]

Yaksha, one of the eight kind of gods and spirits (lha srin sde brgyad) [RY]

yaksha spirit/ harmbringer [RB]

goblins, 1 of sde brgyad, set of deities or demons which haunt mountains, spirit, harm-givers, yakshas, harmers, those who cause disturbances, yaksha of the Indian tradition [JV]

Yaksha. A class of semi divine beings, generally benevolent but sometimes wicked. Many are powerful local divinities, others live on Mount Sumeru, guarding the realm of the gods [RY]