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1) Vaishravana / rnam thos sras; 2) Vajrapani, possessor of the secret, Lord of Secrets. (IW)

Lord of Secrets, a name for Vajrapani, Guhyapati, the Master of Secrets, (i.e. Vajrapani); Possessor of the Secret; the Lord of Secrets [Vajrapani] The great bodhisattva Vajrapani who is regarded as the chief compiler of the Vajrayana teachings. (RY)

Guhyapati - (lord of the mystic teaching), Master of Secrets, Vajrapani, Vajradhara. (JV)

Sovereign of Secrets, Lord of Secrets, Master of Secrets. Skt. Guhyapati. Generally this refers to either Vajradhara or Vajrapāṇi. The short form is gsang bdag. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]