gya gyu

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dissimulation, crookedness, intrigue, secret machinations [JV]

1) dishonesty, deceit, deceitfulness, guile, trick. 2) nonsense. 3) swift movement, glimpse, swirling. 4) intermittent flashing, flashing forth. 5) Syn g.yo sgyu tricky; flowing, flickering [RY]

1) deceptive g.yon can, Las don nam zhig sngo lo 'phyar yong; 2) crooked, dishonesty, deceit, deceit[fulness], trick, nonsense, swift movement, glimpse, swirling, intermittent flashing, flashing forth [IW]

shi ma gson lta bur gya gyur lus so - felt their vision flicker as if they were dying [RY]