gzhan stong

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extrinsic emptiness, "other empty" school; qualified emptiness/ emptiness of other factors; extrinsic emptiness; parashunya; other-emptiness, extrinsic emptiness. [all nirvanic attributes are empty of extraneous phenomena]. all the realities of nirvana are empty of extraneous phenomena [RY]

emptiness of something else [RY]

Shentong. An aspect of the [Madhyamaka School]] in Tibet focusing on emptiness indivisible from luminosity, asserting that the kayas and wisdoms of buddhahood are naturally present within the sugata essence. [RY]

"other empty" school; qualified emptiness; empty/ emptiness of other factors [RB]

Shentong, emptiness of other [R] [IW]

shentong, emptiness of other (Jonangpa view), the object, (gzung ba), and perceiver ('dzin pa), are realized as nondual by gzung 'dzin gnyis med kyi ye shes. That is perfect establishment, (yongs grub). Conventionally it is said to be itself non-empty but extrinsically empty of other relative dharmas of gzhan dbang and kun btags etc kun rdzob pa'i chos gzhan = emptiness of something else, extrinsic emptiness, other-emptinesslly empty of extraneous phenomena = entailing that all things of samsara are empty of their own inherent essence. There are several versions] [IW]

lack of otherness, empty of other, theory entertained by the Jonangpa school [JV]