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  • 1) the first, number one in an alphabetical register, volume One in a series of books, alpha. number + ka - all # of them./ the #.
  • 2) primal, basic. abbr ka nas
  • 3) primordial, primeval, original. syn: ye
  • 4) pillar. See ka ba
  • 5) the very, just, namely; fx 'grongs ka at the very moment of death.
  • 6) the alphabet ;
  • 7) abbr of ka dag, ka nas dag pa
  • 8) indeed, surely [RY] śūnyātā


one, pillar, all, the, the very, the beginning, the root, power, all the, indeed, surely, SA ka ba, symbol of origin of reality, infinitive particle [JV]


alphabetical register, pillar, vol. KA (1, the 1st, alpha, primal, basic, primordial; KA; 1) Ming gzhi'i pho yig cig; 2) Rtags mtshungs 'dren skabs ga da ba sa ste rjes 'jug phos drangs pa'i ming gi cha shas shig ...Ga da ba sa ...Thog ka,...Dpyid ka,...Rgyal kha; 3) after numbers = all gnyis ka source, root [IW]