ka dag

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primordial purity

primordial purity, primordially pure; original purity; originally pure, pure from the beginning / first [RY]

primordial purity [thd] [MR]

original purity [RB]

Primordial purity. The basic nature of sentient beings which is originally untainted by defilement and beyond confusion and liberation [RY]

pure from the beginning, initially pure, transcendence, purely transcendent, primordially pure, primordial purity, original purity, inherent purity, original purity, original purity, primordially empty [JV]

1) stong pa nyid emptiness - 2) primordial/ alpha /original purity, [in cutting through resistance, pure from the beginning, without reference to pure and impure; 3) formerly; 4) first, primary)/; 5) clean, pure [IW]