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Barbarian. A human being in an uncivilized area where the Dharma has not flourished [RY]

barbarian, met. foreigner. 1) barbarian. 2) primitives. 3) border tribesmen. 4) savages. 5) uncivilized. 6) metaphor for a foreigner. 7) hunter. 8) ignoble. 9) Moslem. 10) Mohammedan. 11) mahometanism [RY]

barbarian, primitives, border tribesmen, savages, uncivilized [people], foreigner, hunter, moslem, Islam, barbaric, ignoble [primitive or not knowing the blang dor of civilized places] [IW]

barbarians; x kla klo zhes pa ni klo kha khra zhes pa la sogs mtha' 'khob sum cu rtsa gnyis yod par bshad pa rnams dang 'tshe ba chos su smra ba kla klo'i chos lugs zhes srog bcad pa dge bar rtsi ba rnams te "barbarians" means those who live in the thirty-two border countries, such as lokhatha, and all those who consider harming others an act of faith or whose savage beliefs see taking life as good [RY]

savages, barbarous members of the border tribes, one of indistinct speech, Moslems, barbarian, heathen, inhuman, pagan, wild, musalman of india, hwi-hwi or hwi-tse in china, nation without laws, uncivilized race, barbarian, savage [JV]