mkha' spyod

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Kach�. The accomplishment of being able to go to a celestial realm [RY]

Khechara, the Buddhafield of Vajra Varahi [RY]

abbr. of mkha' la spyod pa 1) celestial, heavenly. 2) 'dwelling in the sky,' celestial realm, pure lands. 3) goddess [sky goers], 'sky traveler', dakini. 4) Syn mkha' spyod kyi dngos grub 5) birds. 6) heavenly denizen, gandharvas [celestial musician]. 7) Kach�. celestial realm; Khechara/ enjoyment of space [RY]

sky-enjoyer [RY]

khecara; enjoyment of/ delight in space [RB]

bird, subject to heaven, heavenly, celestial realm, sky traveller, sky realm, dwelling in the sky, that which has attained to the sky, gandharva (celestial musician), celestial enjoyment, residing in heaven [JV]

celestial, heavenly, dwelling/ going in the sky, celestial realm/ enjoyment, pure lands, space utilization, heaven, goddess, sky goers, 'sky travelers = kin s, birds, heavenly denizen, gandharva (celestial musician), kacho (yidam) TSE [IW]