mngon sum

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direct perception [RY]

actuality; 1) direct perception / perceiver, directly apprehended, perceptible, primal cognition. 2) fully, plainly. 3) in person, real, actual, vivid, manifest, evident, direct; clearly, manifestly, directly/ open, public; 1) manifest, evident to the senses 2) perception, "pratyaksha" Skt. visible / perceptible [RY]

1) unconfused perception of real things; 2) directly perceived, not hidden; 3) <Pratyaksha> * unconfused knowledge free from confusion * direct perception/ perceiver, primal cognition directly apprehended/ perceptible, real, actual, vivid, manifest[ly], evident, direct fully, plainly, in person, by personal experience [IW]

1) unconfused dngos gnas perception; 2) directly perceived, not hidden; 3) <Pratyaksha> [blo rig bdun gyi nang gses] unconfused knowledge free from confusion [eg bum 'dzin dbang mngon dang, gzhan sems shes pa'i mngon shes, 'phags pa'i mnyam bzhag ye shes [[mngon sum yang dag yul gyi rnam pa 'khrul ba med pa'i sgo nas dngos su mthong ba sogs rtog pa dang bral ba'i shes pa rnam par dag pa'i tsad ma - dper na, gzugs 'dzin mig shes lta bu [IW]

pratyaksa, direct (experience, perception, awareness, perceiver), immediate (perception, apprehension), manifest, evident, SA rnal 'byor mngon sum (four are dbang, yid, rang rig, rnal 'byor), open, public, manifest, cognizable by the senses, direct perception, to perceive directly, evident to the senses, perception, directly, really [JV]

immediate/ direct experience/ perception/ cognition; actually/ directly; (to be) actually present [RB]