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It's easy to add your entry.
#redirect [[Dzogchen Rinpoche Ngedon Tenzin Zangpo]]
*First, you need to '''creat your own page''' (assuming you don't already have one). To do this, enter your name in the search bar to the left (not the google search) and then press go. If you have a page, you will be taken there. If you don't, you will see a link saying "create this page." Follow that link and you will end up at your own blank page.
*Next, you'll need to '''fill in the relevant information'''. To do this, press the edit button above and copy (do not cut!) the template you see in the text box (starting with "add you name and short description"). Then go to your page, press the edit tab and paste this into the empty text box. Next, just fill in the blanks.
*If you put two brackets on either side of a word or phrase "[[ ]]" a '''new page will be created''' for that term. If a page already exists, it will link to that page. if you put three apostrophes on either side of an item, it will appear in '''bold'''. Two apostrophes for ''italics''.
*Finally, if you are not sure how to do something, the easiest way to learn how is to check another page that has already been written. The prototype for the translator info pages is the page of [[Gyurme Dorje]]. To see how his page was made, just click on his link and then press the edit button.
...Add your name and short description here...
Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
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