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debased [RY]

experience [RY]

nga'i nyams la bltas na + tshod red - I feel that [RY]

1) experience and feeling; 2) mental 'gyur ba externally symbolized in body and speech expressions or, tshugs ka; 3) experience of, familiarity; 4) [in] mind 'ong [IW]

Temporary experiences [RY]

nyams kyi snang ba visions of (ephemeral) (meditative) experience [RB]

must endure [RY]

feeling-sentiment, failures, soul, thought, strength, state, experiences, deteriorate, faults, experiential sign of the development of practice, violation, conviction, transgressor, corruption, corrupted, humiliated, apprehension of ideas, soul, manner, extent, degree, condition, elegance, charm, dignity, meditative experience, mystical experience, corrupted, meditation-mood, meditative moods, moods, diminish, signs-experiences, sign experience [JV]

ephemeral meditative experience; fleeting experience [RB]

1) [meditative / temporary] experience, meditation-moods [experiential sign of the development of practice]. 2) vision. 3) Abbr. of nyams pa 4) imposing air / presence / dignity, haughty, arrogant. 5) elegance, charm, handsome, elegant. 6) thought, mind, spirit. 7) impairment, impairment, sentiment [in dramatic arts]. thought, experiential sign of the development of practice, experiences, withered; experience, meditation experience; violate, damage, deteriorate, weaken [in context of vows and commitments] [RY]