phyag rgya bzhi

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four seals/mudras [IW]

the four seals; four seals. Mahamudra, Dharma mudra, Samaya mudra, and Karma-mudra. 1) the four seals, [Syn chos rtags kyi- bzhi / chos kyi sdom bzhi. 2) the four mudras, dam tshig, las, chos, phyag rgya chen po. four mudras; four mudras/ symbol(ic state)s [RY]

four seals/mudras [Mahamudra, dharmamudra, samayamudra, and karmamudra, (= chos rtags kyi -- bzhi/ chos kyi sdom bzhi rnal 'byor rgyud kyi sgom pa'i phyag rgya'i rnal 'byor bzhi ste, las kyi phyag rgya, dam tsig gi phyag rgya, chos kyi phyag rgya, phyag rgya chen po [IW]

four mudras/ seals of practice/ symbol(ic state)s/ situations [RB]

4 axioms (transitory, frustrating, no principle, bliss), 4 signs (mahamudra, dharma, samaya, karma), 4 mudras of yogatantra (phyag rgya chen po, chos kyi phyag rgya, dam tshig phyag rgya, las kyi phyag rgya), the four insignia of Buddhist teaching, four mudras of yogatantra (visualizing oneself as deity, concentrating on the seed syllable of the mantra, visualizing the symbolic attributes of the yidam, radiation and re-absorption of the rays of light) [JV]

Four mudras. Four aspects of tantric practice [RY]