rdzu 'phrul

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supernormal/ miraculous power [RB]

magical power, magical display, telekinesis, psycho kinesis, riddhi; miracle, magical illusion; miracle/ miraculous change of form; miraculous power; Miraculous powers, miraculous manifestations, magical display, magic transformation. the capacity of displaying miraculous accomplishments, ability to create apparitional beings. miraculous ability / power. miraculous powers, magical transformations, magic transformation [RY]

miraculous power [thd]

magic (-, powers, play, display, exhibition, trick), transformation, wondrous creativity, psychic power, miracle, magical display, miracle, magical illusion, apparent marvel, any delusion, miraculous appearance, telekinesis, psychokinesis [JV]

[capacity of displaying] miraculous powers/ manifestations, magical display/ transformation [tserig] khyad gzhi sems kyi 'phen pa'i lus chos ni rdzu ba dang, khyad chos lus kyi spyod pa sems chos ni 'phrul ba[[rdzu 'phrul bsam gyis mi khyab pas 'dul ba - instruction by inconceivable miraculous abilities [IW]