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5 penalties for theft, royal, victorious, great, chief, 8th constellation in Hindu and Buddhist astronomy, 1 of 28 constellations, SA rgyu skar, delta cancri, 1 of rgyu skar [JV]

1) bet for sport; 2) 1 of rgyu skar 28; 3) mtshungs pa gsal byed kyi sgra zhig ste 'dra ba; 4) king, royal, regal, kingdom etc; 5) be victorious, overcome, conqueror, win, prevail [IW]

1) king, royal, regal etc. 2) vi. to be victorious, to overcome, conqueror, to win, to prevail. 3) concerning. king, royal, regal etc. 4) one of the rgyu skar nyi shu rtsa brgyad twenty eight Nakshatras gods of the constellations. Pushya. January-February; a demon [RY]