rje btsun

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rje - exalted; exalted one [RY]

sage, saint, reverend, worshipful, exalted, venerable [JV]

(foremost and) venerable [RB]

chief, supreme *, jetsun, venerable, reverend, worshipful, lord, your worship [title for great saints and lamas] [IW]

Milarepa [RY]

A honorific Tibetan term applied to revered teachers and great saints and lamas: Jets�n, Reverend, Venerable, Lord. 2) jetsun, lord, venerable, reverend, worshipful, your worship, noble, exalted, revered [RY]

the precious master [RY]

Reverend Lord, Venerable Lord, Lord Master [Erick Tsiknopoulos]