rnam par rig byed ma yin pa'i gzugs

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non- revelatory form [Tserig]- [yang dag par blangs pa las byung ba'i gzugs] [IW]

non-revelatory form [JV]

non-revelatory form. unmanifest form; Imperceptible form. Syn yang dag par blangs pa las byung ba'i gzugs [RY]

imperceptible forms, rang kun nas slong byed kyi kun slong ni objects appearing only in 1's mind consciousness and not others imputed/false conception forms kun btags kyi gzugs te, so thar gyi sdom pa dang, bsam gtan gyi sdom pa, zag med kyi sdom pa, sdom min, bar ma'i dge ba lus ngag gi sdom pa lta bu [IW]

imperceptible form [RY]