rnam thos sras

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kubera, a chos skyong, vaisravana, 1 of 4 'jig rten skyong, guardian in the north, god of wealth, yum is nor rgyun ma, king of yakshas who bring diseases, king of nojin or mountain deities who guard the northern quarters, guardian of wealth, a drag gshed deity byang phyogs bdag po SA rnam thos sras, 1 of 4 'jig rten skyong, god of wealth, 1 of rgyal chen bzhi [JV]

Vaishravana, the god of wealth, also Namsey [RY]

Vaishravana, the god of wealth [RY]

God of Wealth [RY]

Vaishravana [rgyal chen rigs bzhi'i nang gses ri rab kyi byang ngos kyi rgyal chen nam byang gi phyogs skyong,...Ming gi rnam grangs la rkang pa gsum ldan dang, rgyal po'i rgyal, ngal bsos po, gter gyi bdag rtag bde byed, nor gyi bdag nor sbyin rgyal, nor sbyin 'dren pa, nor rtsen, gnas srung po, gnod sbyin rgyal, rna rgyan gcig pa, rnam sras, dpal gter, byang gi phyogs skyong, byang phyogs bdag po, dbyig gi char 'bebs, mi la zhon, mig skya, mig ya, mig gsum grogs po, mi'i chos ldan, rtsa gsum pa, 'od yangs tsa bo, rin chen snying po, lus@ngan, gsang bdag bcas so] [IW]

Vaishravana [RY]

Vaiśravaṇa, who is one of the Four Great Kings, a wealth deity, the god of the northern direction, and a Dharma Protector, especially in the Geluk tradition. The short forms are rnam sras and rnam thos. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]