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Short description

Cortland J. Dahl graduated from Naropa University in 2000 with an MA degree in Buddhist Studies and Tibetan language. He currently works as the director of the Rimé Foundation and as an instructor at Kathmandu University's Center for Buddhist Studies, located in Kathmandu. He is also involved in various translation projects.

Main teachers

Chatral Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Published Works

Maitreya, Mipham, Khenpo Shenga. Distinguishing the Middle from Extremes. Forthcoming from Snow Lion, 2006. (with the Dharmachakra Translation Committee)

Active Projects

mkha' 'gro snying thig gi khrid yig thar lam bgrod byed shing rta bzang po by nges don bstan 'dzin bzang po

A collection of bskyed rim texts, including bskyed rim lha'i khrid 'og min bsgrod pa'i them skas by 'jigs med gling pa, bskyed rim lha'i khrid kyi dka' gnad cung zad bshad pa and srog sdom gzer bzhi'i dmigs gnad, the latter two both by dpal sprul chos kyi dbang po

Unpublished Works (completed)

man ngag lta ba'i phreng ba by slob dpon padma

man ngag lta ba'i phreng ba'i mchan 'grel nor bu'i bang mdzod by mi pham rgya mtsho

man ngag lta ba'i phreng ba zhe bya ba'i 'grel pa by rong zom chos kyi bzang po

sems sbyong rnam pa bdun gyi don khrid thar ba'i them skas by 'jigs med gling pa

klong chen snying thig gi thun mong gi sngon 'gro khrid kyi lag len la 'debs lugs 'jigs med gling pa

klong chen snying thig gi thun mong ma yin pa'i sngon 'gro'i khrid yig dran pa nyer gzhag 'jigs med gling pa


Rimé Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation and translation of Tibetan Buddhist literature