sdud pa

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subsumed [RY]

'phags pa shes rab pha rol tu phyin pa sdud pa tshig su bcad pa the Condensed Perfection of Wisdom; Prajnaparamita-sancayagatha, (T 13) [RY]

to consolidate/ bring together/ collect/ subsume [RB]

to amass [RY]

sdud pa, bsdus pa, bsdu ba, sdus trans. v.; Compendium; gathered, to collect, gather, lay up, amass, assemble, withdrawal; name of text [RY]

sdud pa, gathered, collect, gather, lay up, amass, assemble, withdrawal [IW]

(Das) dbang du sdud pa: to bring under one's power, to subdue; SNT (oral comm.): btsan shugs kyis len pa. [mss] [RY]

(tha dad pa bsdus pa, bsdu ba, sdus, 1) collect, gather, bring, summon, assemble, compendium, sdud pa; 2) combine, summarize [IW]

Compendium [RY]

Condensed Perfection of Wisdom [RY]

absorb, gather, assemble, collect, unite, comprise, consist in, gather together, cohesive, mass together, put together, compile, brush together, sweep together, join, condense, add together, contract, collections, confederacies [JV]

to abbreviate, abridge [RY]