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ces pa'i sgra kun gyis thos so everyone heard these words [RY]

sound, term, noise, voice, grammar, sound, Sanskrit grammar, SA chos gzhan brjod pa'i sgra, tshogs brjod kyi sgra, zin pa'i sgra, rigs brjod kyi sgra, philology, inflections, 1 of rig gnas bco brgyad [JV]

sound; voice; language; grammar; (technical) terminology; sound; renown, repute, account; a sound, noise, voice, term, sonorous, inarticulate speech, word, term, voice, cry, cry of animals, name, inflection, language, philology, grammar, pronunciation; grammar [RY]

1) sound * word, term, speech, name; 3) parts of speech; 4) [SK] grammar [text], philology; 5) language; 6) pronunciation, inflection [IW]

sound; voice; language; grammar; (technical) term(inology) [RB]

language, sound, verbal testimony [ggd] [RY]