snying bcag pa

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compassion; compassionate [one of the nine moods of dance (mind)] [RB]

compassion, SK karuna [IW]

1) compassion; mercy, pity, empathy, sympathy. 2) compassionate, affectionate; compassionate [one of nine moods of dance] [RY]

compassion (not sentimentality), pitiful, pitiable, poor, clemency, feeling, mercy, sympathy, kindness [JV]

compassion [thd]

Compassion (snying rje): the wish to free all beings from suffering and the causes of suffering (negatives actions and ignorance). It is complementary with altruistic love (the wish that all beings may find happiness and the causes of happiness), with sympathetic joy (which rejoices of others qualities) and with equanimity which extends the three former attitudes to all beings, whether friends, strangers or enemies. [MR]