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Imprecatory Female Spirits [[ma mo]]
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*The imprecatory female spirits ([[Skt.mātaraḥ]]) are generally depicted as ugly, ferocious, dark-complexioned, and half-naked with emaciated breasts and matted hair. They invoke curses and imprecations, inflicting plague ([[dal yams]]) on living beings. The imprecatory female spirits were subdued by Padmasambhava on Mount Chu-bo-ri. Among their many classes, the most important are the supramundane protectress Śrīdevī (Tib. [[dpal ldan lha mo]]), the eight mātaraḥ ([[ma mo brgyad]]), headed by Gaurī, who form one sub-category of the fifty-eight wrathful deities, and the meditational deity known as Imprecatory Mātaraḥ ([[ma mo rbod gtong]]), which is one of the eight principal meditational deities of Mahāyoga. On the various classes of mundane imprecatory female spirits, see Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Oracles and Demons of Tibet, pp. 269-273. [[GD]] (from the Glossary to [[Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings]])
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